Michele Karmin is an alternative, soul singer/songwriter and electronic artist. She shifted musical directions in the last few years after teaching herself piano and embarking on a new writing approach. This effort of re-discovery proved to be the missing piece of her evolving artistry as it catapulted her to a new height as an established songwriter and musician.

Previously, she independently released three albums from 2006-2008, however it wasn't until the 2009 release of her first piano composition, "Six Years" that Karmin set the mark for the future of her sound. The single garnered much attention for its haunting melody, and soulful vocals which led Karmin to her first music video and debut sound. The track was shortly followed up by the recording and release of "I Need", a lounge style ballad, with an ear-grabbing piano hook and emotive delivery. Karmin's sound has been compared to the iconic female artists Jewel and Tori Amos, yet her style of performance is uniquely her own, combining her early influences of alternative rock with an innate soul behind her voice.

Karmin began touring the NJ, Philadelphia and New York scene as a solo act for the first time in 2009 . She opened up for singer/songwriter Ryan Cabrera on an east coast tour, performing at various music venues that stretched from Florida to Boston. In late 2010 Karmin teamed up with DJ Tom Colontonio and wrote "Colors of Tear" which was released on the European trance label Spinnin' Records. The single reached the top 100 of the trance charts in the first week and was promoted by Armin Van Burrenn in his State of Trance and Judge Jules BBC radio. Karmin and Colontonio are currently working on the follow-up release.

MK is currently in production with her forthcoming record, "Let Me Introduce Myself.. Again" which will be released late 2011. The album pairs earthy textures with electronic elements amidst very thought-provoking lyrical content. Karmin recently made an appearance on NBC's The 10! Show this past March, premiering one of the album's newest songs, "Pulling on the String". With the new record on its way Karmin notes that it's quite a re-introduction to her sound. "I have decided to embrace my alternative roots a bit more with the intention to deliver music that is authentic to who I am and without the constant speculation of what will or will not work in the music industry. I'm going with flow, not second guessing myself and just letting the music take me wherever it wants to go."


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